Rebounds: Love 16.

Aldridge tries to play the position at the beginning of recovery, but the other side begins to heat Trae Young. Atlanta does not give a millimeter even when he loses Price at 7’28 ” left in the third quarter for a hasty expulsion (two consecutive technical for protesting) decreed by the increasingly inflexible Scott Foster.

The baskets of Gay and Mills in the fourth period of opening seem to be able to give a minimum of tranquility to Spurs arriving at +7 but the Hawks do not cooperate with pride and return below. It takes so seven consecutive points of a possessed White to resume the march, the rest do Aldridge and DeRozan. San Antonio does not shine but wins at this moment enough. Atlanta: Young 22 (7/14, 1/7, 5/6 tl), Collins 18, Bazemore 12.

Rebounds: Collins 10. Assists: Huerter 5. San Antonio: Belinelli 5 (1/2, 1/4) with 4 rebounds, 2 assists in 24’31 ”. Aldridge 32 (10/15, 1/1, 9/11 tl), White 18, DeRozan 14. Rebounds: Gay 11. Assists: White 9. Sacramento Kings-Boston Celtics 109-111 – Twenty-four hours after asphalted Golden State, the Celtics (40-26) continue to run along the path of redemption, tearing the 2nd consecutive win (without Kyrie Irving, rested for a thigh problem) that seems to stave off the crisis that hit the team after coach Stevens the All-Star Game break.

The best news, in addition to the streak, coming from Gordon Hayward is repeated, after the 30 points put on the scoresheet against the Warriors, scoring the basket that gave the decisive +2 2 “from the siren, icing on the cake of a benefit 12 points in 29 minutes. If the Celtics can finally breathe a sigh of relief, the Kings (32-32) are in trouble due to a heavy defeat, which threatens to undermine the fight for the playoffs with the eighth place in the West that departs 4 races.

Californians can get out of the Golden 1 Center head-on, able to meet head-on the Celtics and their attempts to snatch the match. At the start to try is the excellent Jayson Tatum (24), which guide its on 32-26, an advantage which collapses in the 2nd period, when the Kings return to wake for the 49 equal interval.

In the second half the race takes balance binary: Boston, in the most delicate moments, relies on the totem Al Horford (21 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists), while Sacramento relies on the hot hands of Buddy Hield (23). His triple that is worth -1 (105-104) at 1’10 “from the siren, its always the 3/3 to free punishing with 109 of the Hayward fault to 7” from the end.

The All Star but the Celtics made amends a few seconds later, with the penetration and jumpers in the running for the final 111-109. The prayer of Harrison Barnes, the virtual tie at the buzzer, is not accepted. Sacramento: Barnes 24 (4/7, 4/7 by 3 4/5 tl), Hield 23, Cauley-Stein 19. Rebounds: Barnes 8. Assist: Fox 7 Boston: Tatum 24 (6/13, 2/4 3, 6/6 tl), Horford 21, 19. Morris Rebounds: 11.

Assist Horford: Horford 7 Chicago Bulls-Philadelphia 76ers 108-107 – the Bulls (19-47) mock the Sixers (19-47) in comeback with the decisive magic Zach LaVine, giving the team coach Boylen third win in five games. Very good performance of LaVine, which puts the icing on a cake from 39 points (13 in the 4th quarter only), 5 rebounds and 4 assists in 36 ‘of use.

It continues, however, the time to Philadelphia downturn, still without Joel Embiid, which fully relies on the hands of Ben Simmons (18, 11 rebounds, 7 assists) and Jimmy Butler (22) but can not avoid the second k.o. their last 3 games. Still, things looked for the best for Phila in the 4th period, when the 2/2 to free Simmons wrote to the board on +10 (98-88) at 6 ‘from the final siren. But, instead of decisive breakout, here comes the balckout.

On the other side of the triple crown LaVine the break 10-0 in reporting to € 98 equal before the layup decisive than worth the 108-107 with 1.6 “left on the clock that definitely brings down the curtain on the team’s hopes coach Brown. Chicago: LaVine 39 (12/21, 2/5 by 3, 9/13 tl), Lopez 19, Porter Jr 15. Rebounds: Porter Jr 9, Lopez 9 Philadelphia: Butler 22 (8/17, 0/1 by 3 , 6/7 tl), Simmons 18, Redick 15. Rebounds: Simmons 11.

Assists: Simmons 7 New Orleans Pelicans 104-114-Utah Jazz – the Jazz (37-27) taking revenge of Pelicans (30-37) after the ko suffered on Monday night and depart tearing the 5th success in the last six races. To bring a smile to coach Snyder came the usual solid evidence and his team Utah: Derrick Favors ended with 25 points, followed closely by Rudy Gobert (22 + 13 rebounds) and gem Donovan Mitchell (22).

They serve no purpose, for the cause of New Orleans, the 23 points of Julius Randle and 16 in 21 ‘Anthony Davis. NOLA, in fact, only stays afloat for the first 24 ‘. In the 3rd period, the Jazz crush your foot on the accelerator with a 11-4 break that is worth the 69-51 signed by Mitchell. In the fourth stage guests try the final assault with a partial 16-4 that allows reappearance up to -4 (80-76).

All useless. A close accounts comes the reply of Utah, with Favors and Crowder marking 9 consecutive points that are worth 102-85 with 8 ‘remained. Utah: Favors 25 (8/10, 1/1 by 3 6/6 tl), Gobert 22, Mitchell 22. Rebounds: Gobert 13. Assist: Rubio 10 New Orleans: Randle 23 (8/15, 1/3 3 4/6 tl), Davis 16, Holiday 16.

Rebounds: Payton 8. Assists: Davis 3, Randle 3, Payton 3 Holiday 3-Washington Wizards Dallas Mavericks 132-123 – in a match in which no one really seems to have intention to defend to the end the Wizards have to smile. Washington bad part, and allows as many as 41 points to the Mavs in the first quarter, then slowly, thanks to the play of Beal takes the visiting team and then accelerate in the second half.

Not enough 31 points Luka Dončić, Beal and the production of Parker on the bench make the difference. At his last appearance on the floor of a Dirk Nowitzki Capital applauded by the home crowd it closes with two points and two rebounds in 12 ‘of play. Washington: Beal 30 (9/14, 2/5, 6/8 tl), Ariza 22, 20.

Parker Rebounds: Parker 9. Assist: Satorankly 11. Dallas: Doncic 31 (9/18, 2/8, 7 / 9 tl), Powell 26, Jackson 18. Rebounds: Doncic 11. Assists: Brunson 8. Brooklyn Nets-Cleveland Cavaliers 113-107 – the Nets (34-33) continue to run towards their goal season: the playoffs. The team of coach Atkinson centers the third consecutive victory, sending knocked the Cavaliers (16-49) cementing the 7th place in the East, 2.5 away from the struggle races for eighth place in Miami and Orlando.

To extinguish the hopes of Cleveland thinks a super Spencer Dinwiddie, who goes into the chair in the 4th period to score 12 of his 28 total points and drag her in Brooklyn decisive break. After a great start (with the 1st quarter closed at 31-20), the hosts suffer the comeback of the Cavs, who come to the last part even on +5 (85-80), before having to take your hat off to Dinwiddie show: a triple and a lay up crown the partial 14-0, in which they arrived heavy blows also by the arc of Joe Harris (9) and Caris LeVert (14), which applies to the 110-94 3’25 “the final siren.

Honorable mention for D’Angelo Russell, who continues to tuck performance from All Star finishing with 25 points. Useless 24 made the scoresheet by Kevin Love to Cleveland. Brooklyn: Dinwiddie 28 (7/13, 3/8 by 3 5/6 tl), Russell 25, 15. Allen Rebounds: Allen 11. Assist: Russell 5, Dinwiddie Cleveland 5: Love 24 (1/3, 4 / 8 from 3, 10/11 tl), Nwaba22, Nance Jr 17.

Rebounds: Love 16. Assist: Sexton 5-Detroit Pistons Minnesota Timberwolves 131-114 – With an excellent second time the Pistons sweep away the resistance of the Timberwolves and conquer the their sixth victory in seven races. With a Blake Griffin that fatigue in attack (4/13), Detroit relies on the physicality of a Andre Drummond piecewise immarcabile.

The Pistons accelerate in the third quarter and run away at the beginning of last fraction that the hosts close with 41punti scoresheet. They cheered him in the final fraction and Gibson, guilty of having trimmed nudged Drummond, was sent off in 10’07 ” from the siren. Detroit continues to keep the foot on the accelerator and eventually went on to win in fluency. Detroit: Drummond 31 (10/17, 1/1, 8/10 tl), Kennard 21, 19.

Smith Rebounds: Drummond 15. Assist: Griffin 7. Minnesota: Towns 24 (4/8, 3/6, 7 / 7 tl), Wiggins 18, Teague 15. Rebounds: Saric 7. Assist: Teague 8. Charlotte Hornets-Miami Heat 84-91 – Miami goes on to win in Charlotte a vitally important match in postseason perspective.

The Heat thus place the arrow, outweigh the Hornets in the rankings and settled in eighth place.

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