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Great asset to his allies, providing shields armor and magic res, while at the same time reducing enemy damage. In the Early Game, we want to help our Mid Lane clear their lane as quickly as we can so we can roam together and gank side lanes. We can also scout the enemy jungle to see where the enemy Jungler started or potentially steal a buff or camp from them.

  • The game is free-to-play, and geared heavily towards micro-rewards.
  • We earn stacks for each unique hero kill we earn for a total of 6 stacks, for 60 bonus Attack Damage.
  • Our ganks are extremely lethal since the enemy won’t see us coming when we time our invisibility well while using bushes.
  • The Switch build is lacking many alternate skins and uses an older item set that doesn’t include gear with special abilities.
  • With PUBG Mobile ban, the Indian government has banned over 220 Chinese-origin apps in the country.
  • Playing this way would lower our DPS and burst but it will increase our chances of survival.
  • You are a defensive type of support and play it only that way.

Xeniel is a Support / Tank that can arrive anywhere on the map to aid his allies with his Ult. His ultimate is legendary, but it has a monstrous cooldown. Without ultimate his chance of survival is really thin if you are not using some defensive builds. If the game drags on long enough, we can exchange Rankbreaker for Muramasa since it will be more effective in the Late Game.

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Armor Pierce allows us to partially ignore the enemy’s Armor so we can deal even more damage, especially against enemy carries. A control based warrior, particularly focused on initiating fights. Wiro’s ability to resurrect, adds an element of uncertainty to every battle. There are players out there that can make Wiro work and dominate with him, however, his mechanics are somewhat unreliable.

Cresht doesn’t use Mana but the HP we get is more than enough to make this Enchantment worth using, especially since we’ll be taking a lot of damage. Regrowth increases our shielding and healing capabilities. This works well with our S2 since it gives a shield to himself and everyone nearby. If we take the Heal Talent, it will make that even better as well. Also, it makes the healing from Explosive Shield even more effective. The combination of Skill 2 shield and the defensive stats gained from the ultimate, makes Brunhilda one of the toughest marksman around.

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If a gank opportunity doesn’t present itself, we can go back to our lane and begin clearing our waves as fast as possible so we can roam to gank Mid. If we want to fight our lane opponent, we can abuse the bushes on the side of the lane to do extra damage with our S1 then using our S2 as we run away so they can’t trade damage back with us. This is where Riktor is his strongest and you want to have some sort of positive influence before the Mid Game comes around. If the game drags on long enough, you can exchange your Rankbreaker for a Muramasa since it will make you do more damage since enemies will have more Armor.

Our ganks are extremely lethal since the enemy won’t see us coming when we time our invisibility well while using bushes. If we can score a few kills or simply chunk the enemies’ HP so they are forced to recall, it makes us able to take the Spirit Sentinel or Abyssal Dragon easier with the man advantage. If we get both of these, it makes getting the next ones that spawn even easier and gives our team Global Gold, EXP, and buffs.

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